"I have never had anyone read me like Naome did; to say she is intuitive is an understatement. Her ability to connect with you leaves you euphoric. Naome Swan has a powerful gift."

- Wayne Miller, UFO/Blog Talk Radio Host

"Sometimes twin relationships turn into a nightmare you can't escape. That's the predicament I found myself in. At first, emotions are so strong that even though you're terrified, you endure it because the emotional need you have to connect is so powerful. It didn't take long for the stress to break me. Naome put into words the things I could not express myself. She immediately sensed the negative energy from my companion and gave me a way to dispel the heaviness and fear. It gave me the courage to make the right decision and make a better choice for my life. I will be forever grateful for her help and guidance."

- Lily Sanders, Author

"Naome Swan has been able to take her natural gift of insight and an extremely deep passionate heart, and integrate them with the joys and tragedies of her life experiences into a powerful combination that allows her to see what others may not. When you are in her presence, you feel the deep love and compassion Naome has for those she is working with and the open unconditional love she has for all. She is able to create and hold a secure, sacred, and loving space to work in with you. Naome has been able to help me in ways that others could not. She speaks her truth and has an extremely strong connection to Source that will help guide both of you. When you make the choice to work with Naome, you will tap into a great source of wisdom, healing energy, and deep compassionate love that will help you along your path."

- Jason Jenson, Electrical Engineer

"Pretty unbelievable energy shift and transformation, not only intellectually but also experientially."

- David, Entrepreneur