Movies & Resources

Resources to Support Your Healing Journey to Embody Energetic Ecstasy creating Equanimity.

Films to watch:
By watching moving dramas, comedies, romance, violence, and documentaries, we can utilize this time to process emotions if they rise.  An example would be: A tragedy happens in the movie, notice how you feel in your body, do you come out of your body? Do you have tears? Does your heart break? Are you angry? Nauseated?  Are you feeling sexual sensation? Just notice and be the watcher of your own movie inside. Allowing the energy to be exactly what it is, while your mind steps outside being the observer of your emotions, sensations and feelings.

I would like to acknowledge Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD. 1934 -2015 author of Non-Violent Communication.
This is an essential tool for everyone!

Non-Violent Communication list of Needs and Feelings: 

Here a format to release your emotions. Practice with yourself first or find a Non-Violation Group to learn this energetic language. It releases the emotions so you’re not swimming with the sharks. Here is a sample to start the art of communication:
When I see/hear_____________________________ I feel ______________________________________ because my need for _____________ is/is not met. Would you be willing to ______________________?

The majority of us have some kind of addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous produced this detailed, deep, empowering worksheet to understand the different realities in which addictions stem from.  Everything contained in these sheet is directly from the Big Book 'Alcoholics Anonymous', there is no opinion, just fact. Use this List: 4th Step Inventory as an energetic tool to recognize Fear/Obstacles/Addictions – to clean out of your System and Replace with Organic Energy.

I acknowledge Carolyn Mass for her phenomenal Archetypical work. A Gallery of Archetypes
Read over these Archetypes and see which ones play you. When you acknowledge the game and see the puppets behind the curtain. You will no longer plug into the archetypical artificial Intelligence running the planet taking over your will. Notice what characters you play in your own life, be it a drama, fantasy or romance.